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The Premier Chiropractic Clinic for Treating Lower Back Pain Jacksonville, FL

Nov 3

You should seek treatment in Jacksonville, FL, if you have been experiencing lower back pain for a long time due to an injury or lifting heavy items. If you don’t get treatment, your condition can worsen over time, and the treatment will likely be costly. At East Coast Injury Clinic – Jacksonville Chiropractor, we offer affordable treatment for lower back pain Jacksonville FL. Here are reasons why you should come to our chiropractic clinic.

We Have Trained and Experienced Physiotherapists and Other Specialists 

At East Coast Injury Clinic, we have highly trained and experienced chiropractors and injury doctor Jacksonville FL. We also have neurologists, physiotherapists, and other specialists who can treat your lower back pain. Our team will examine you and come up with a customized treatment plan that will help you overcome the pain and live a quality life. Besides, our team in Jacksonville, FL, will advise on how to live a better life and avoid lower back pain in the future.  

Our Injury Clinic is Well-Equipped

When it comes to lower back pain treatment, we can use different treatment methods like chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, ice therapy, and more. But before treatment, our team will evaluate your condition to know the cause of the pain and offer the right treatment. For that reason, we have equipped our Jacksonville injury clinic with a digital X-ray machine, heat/ice pack, activator, chiropractic tables, cold laser, and other medical tools and equipment, which make our work easier. With our advanced medical equipment, we guarantee the best experience and outcome.  

We Address Many Conditions, Not Just Lower Back Pain

Our clinic has been operational for years and treats many conditions other than lower back pain. We treat auto accident injuries, fall accident injuries, sciatica, sports injuries, and migraines. In addition, we offer neurology and concussion treatment Jacksonville FL. What’s more, we provide physical therapy to help patients recover fast and get back to top performance. If you are also suffering from insomnia, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle & foot pain, and muscle pain, come to our clinic, and we will assist you.

Affordable Treatment Services 

Accidents and sports injuries can be costly to treat. But that should not limit you from seeking concussion treatment Jacksonville FL. At East Coast Injury Clinic, we offer dependable and affordable injury treatments. We will directly bill your insurance company, helping you avoid the complicated claim process. And if your insurance cover doesn’t pay all the expenses, you will just pay the balance. We will also provide you with necessary medical records that can help you claim compensation in case of an auto accident or accident at work. 

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