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Licensed professionals from the healthcare field provide home health care

Aug 16

Home Health Care is medical services delivered in the home to help you recover from an illness, injury or surgery. Northeast Ohio Home Health Care can also teach you to manage your condition at home so you can live as independently as possible. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers cover the cost of most home health care services.

Licensed professionals from the healthcare field provide home health care, including nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy. The home health agency that sends these healthcare professionals will first meet with you, your family and your doctor to discuss your home health care needs and develop a plan of care. Home health care is typically short-term, and the main goals are to teach you to manage your illness or injury at home, improve your mobility and relieve your pain.

Home health care is usually provided in your own home, an adult foster or residential care facility, an assisted living or memory care community, or in a long-term nursing care home. A specialized home health care nurse will visit your house on a scheduled basis to check your condition, answer your questions and provide you with treatment. This could include wound care, medication management or teaching you to use a new device for breathing support, such as a ventilator. A home health aide can assist you with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation. They can also help you with money management, laundry and household chores.

The home health care team will communicate with your doctor and any other caregivers who are involved in your care, and will update them on your progress. They will ask you questions about your diet, medicines, pain levels and any other aspects of your life that may affect your health. Your home health team will also monitor your symptoms, such as fever and blood pressure, to ensure you are getting better.

It is important to choose a home health care agency or a nurse that has high standards and meets state licensing requirements. Some seek additional accreditation to demonstrate their commitment to consumers and quality of care. Ask friends and family members for their recommendations or check a home health care registry for feedback from past patients and their families. A registry platform can delve deeper into the healthcare professional’s qualifications, areas of expertise and previous experiences, helping you find an experienced and trustworthy caregiver.

The best home healthcare aides are people-oriented, patient and compassionate and enjoy working with others. They must be able to respect a patient’s privacy, rights and cultural beliefs. They must also be reliable and able to work under the supervision of a registered nurse.