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Contemporary Murano Chandeliers are Becoming Popular Glass Art Investments in Miami

Nov 26

I recently came across this post on a Miami News website and was intrigued. After the terrible losses in the Cryptocurrency world, there was something comforting in knowing that investing was still an option. Also of course that this type of investment brought extra bonuses. Namely that these works of glass art are so much more beautiful than chunks of crypto code.

I am of course also fascinated by the juxtaposition between the old art of glassblowing and the ultra-modern crypto investment strategies.

Rocco Borghese is a company that manufactures chandeliers and provides architectural lighting design for people and businesses globally Their strength lies in the fact that they design, manufacture and install their chandeliers. This is in contrast with most architectural lighting companies which simply install 3rd party lighting fixtures. The advantage of course when you manufacture your own light features is that you can create totally bespoke lighting.

Here is that article.

At Rocco Borghese Chandeliers (Miami), there has been a steady increase in sales to clients in Miami. Rocco Borghese ensures the family business, the Borghese Glass Foundry, which was started in 1824, continues running. All the chandeliers are uniquely created by using hand-blown glass by master glass workers of Murano. These chandeliers have become a popular glass art investment tool in Miami.

The company creates ‘art within glass’. It adds light to produce a high-end chandelier fit for a palace and an experience that the customer will enjoy from the moment the work is installed. The company takes pride in their many years of experience, passion, skilled craftsmanship, and an unimaginable pride in their work and making sure all the

chandeliers exude life and soul.

In addition, our designer Rocco Borghese has created a collection of Artistic chandeliers that are inspired by nature. Apart from that, the company is also involved in architectural lighting design for large Churches, for example, The Church of Latter Day Saints Temple in Rome. The design consultant will help clients enhance their property inside and outside by using carefully planned lighting that works in conjunction with the architectural design. These designs allow clients to change the mood and atmosphere of any space. 

Apart from that, the team at Rocco Borghese Chandelier also provides services to help clients find the perfect mirror design or mirror for their space. The team will find the ideal piece that allows the owners to reflect their true style. The designer mirror is more than just a reflection; it can help open up a room and make the room look larger while optimizing the quality of light in any space.

“All the pieces are designed specifically to work based on the client’s specific requirements,” said a spokesperson for the company. “To preserve the uniqueness and artistic value of the chandeliers and luxury lighting, all parts are designed specifically for you without using any ready-made or off-the-shelf components.”


So there you have the article and a couple of pictures. However, when I visited the website of Rocco Borghese it was as if I had stepped into Aladins cave. There were so many beautiful chandeliers and wall sconces to choose from. However, what makes this lighting designer to an investment level is his unique custom-made chandeliers. 

I can well understand how after the discovery of Rocco Borghese's Artistic chandeliers in a Miami home, the secret was out and these chandeliers have now taken a firm grip on Miami's design scene.


Here is one of my favorites.


About Rocco Borghese Chandelier

Rocco Borghese Chandelier was founded in Murano, Venice in 1825 as a glassblowing company making Chandeliers and lights for Churches and palaces in Europe. We maintain our Glass blowing factory in Murano but we have moved our design studio and corporate HQ to London, UK.


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