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Determine STR Profitability

Sep 12

Locating STR Properties

Short-term rentals are not as difficult as you might think. This strategy can also be profitable as any other real estate investment strategy. You may be looking to buy a vacation home you can rent via Airbnb. These are some of the most common questions from beginners. The Airdeed Blog has the answers.

Another important question will be answered in this article. How do I find short-term rentals to purchase? Airdeed has all these tools.

First of all, remember the rules for Airbnb

First, you need to check the laws surrounding short-term rentals. There have been many laws that have been passed recently that prohibit short-term rentals from being used as investments.

Different cities have different requirements regarding the type of property that can be listed as a vacation home.

2021 was the year that large cities saw their revenue potential peak. The average property earned 20% less revenue at the beginning of the year. However, by the end, it had reverted to earning 20% more revenue than before the pandemic.

Another year was a great one to enjoy the great outdoors. Our list included markets located near national parks, forests or wildlife refuges or at their borders.

Many of the markets at the top of our list aren't the most popular places to invest today. This list attempts to identify the best markets to invest in, regardless of whether the owner attributes any future or current value.

A popular destination doesn't automatically make it a good investment. This is especially true if there are other factors that drive up the inventory's costs. This is what is happening in many places across the country, where it is appealing to purchase and use second homes as primary residences. Because of the freedom that people have now to work remotely, this trend has increased in popularity.

Airbnb Rental Calculator here

Rentals Available

Research is key to short-term rental properties. The main metrics to consider when searching for short-term rentals include the rental income, cap, and Cash on Cash Return.

These numbers can help you find the most profitable properties with the highest returns rate. Airdeed has the tools you need to quickly search for short-term rentals, and analyze them to determine if they are producing the highest profits.