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All In Solutions Faith Based Addiction Program in Florida

Jul 18

Spiritual Foundation for Addiction Recovery

Admitting and fighting an addiction can be a difficult process for anybody. Making the effort to communicate to family members and friends about addiction can be a stressful experience, however, it's necessary.

A person who is struggling with addiction and believes in religion faces special challenges in recovering. Faithful people might struggle with the implications of their faith to use alcohol and drugs while in a position to not stop drinking.

Based on the Pew Research Center, 76.5% of Americans declared themselves religious in the year 2015.

Millions of people battle addiction to alcohol and drugs every year. It can affect any person, regardless of religious beliefs. Being addicted isn't an ethical or moral failing The only thing you control is the actions you take to conquer addiction.

Over 22.7 million Americans are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Faith-based rehabs for addiction can assist religious individuals in connecting with their divine power to fight addiction. Specialized drug rehabs permit the religious beliefs of recovering addicts to keep growing during treatment.

What Faith-Based Rehabs Offer

Addiction treatment centers that are based on faith and programs cater to recovering addicts' spiritual and medical demands. Spiritual aspects are the main focus of treatment, however traditional techniques for rehabilitating addicts are also essential. Methods like medically-assisted detox or behavioral therapy can be employed to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms and vice versa.

The psychological and medical treatments that are available could consist of:

  • Drug detox
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Prescribed medication is used to treat withdrawal symptoms.
  • Life techniques and emotional coping

Spiritual advisors with certification are available to provide counseling and support during rehabilitation. Group and individual sessions with these spiritual advisors aid recovering addicts in finding peace and tranquility through their faith.

Like recovery support groups similar to recovery support groups Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous Faith-based rehabs bring patients seeking treatment into a tightly knit community. The emotional support that is provided at group meetings as well as during private conversations could help in boosting the likelihood of long-term recovery. Discussion and reflection on spirituality with other like-minded people can help to empower recovering addicts to overcome anxiety and shame that can cause relapse.

Faith-based drug addiction centers allow people who seek treatment to incorporate worship in their rehabilitation program. Prayer spaces are available on-site for worship services. Discussions, readings of the Bible, and meditations are common in religiously-based drug rehabilitation facilities.

Reasons to Choose a Faith-Based Treatment Program

A study at Baylor University found that religious practice can be a way to in reducing harmful behaviors such as alcohol and drug addiction. The supervision of detoxification and mental health counseling could aid in fighting addiction. The emotional, physical, and spiritual assistance that these programs provide are crucial aspects of achieving long-term rehabilitation.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) acknowledges the importance of promoting these treatment options for addiction. More than 800 community-based faith-based programs are eligible for SAMHSA grant money to assist those who have faith overcome addiction.

Where to Find Christian Rehabs

Christian rehabilitation centers and programs are available across the United States. One method to locate Christian treatment programs is asking specific Christian people in your area like pastors or ministers. The pastors of a particular church or other religious affiliations might know about sources or offer suggestions to support organizations that emphasize faith as the foundation for addiction recovery.

Certain treatment facilities, while not explicitly advertising religious or religious affiliations, could provide spiritual services, for example, the possibility to meet with priests who are visiting and other religious leaders. Although they don't emphasize faith-based practices in their treatment program These treatment facilities might provide options for patients to adhere to their religious beliefs and meet their spiritual demands. 3

The belief system of a person is an integral aspect of their identity. It influences their decisions, and eventually, it can affect their progress in the recovery process from an addiction disorder. Faith is an integral part of the recovery process for many people suffering from dependence on alcohol and drugs.

All In Solutions Florida: Faith Based Recovery

From the start, All In Solutions Florida Faith-Based Program begins with the healing Words of God. The “non-12 step” concept of their program is that it’s not created by science and philosophy–it comes from scripture! The 7 Principles outline HOW to live a lasting, impactful life that the students relate to, not because they’re addicts seeking recovery, but because they are human beings seeking acceptance, belonging and purpose in life from a fullness that comes from faith in God. By focusing on God’s Word to guide addicts into sobriety, our faith-based recovery program sheds layers of wounds allowing a successful lifelong recovery to blossom.

In the last few decades, loved ones of addicts and addicts themselves realized the need to break out of the conventional rehabilitation approach. There was a need to evolve the traditional components of a 12-step addiction recovery program into something with more depth and longevity. The alternative programs that are now offered have opened up so many doors and opportunities for addiction recovery and branch out beyond the preliminary rehab methods.

Our team at All In Solutions Florida believes that addiction commonly stems from an individual seeking an escape from another factor in their life.

Our team at All In Solutions Florida believes that addiction commonly stems from an individual looking to find fulfillment and happiness in temporary solutions. These solutions begin as a way to get through the day or as an escape from factors in their life that are out of their control, and can quickly evolve into dependence and substance abuse. Through the process of recovery, our students learn that when the heart is wounded, the mind and body follow suit. While listening to the teachings of Christ and seeking the root cause of the addiction, recovery is seen from a whole new perspective. We know individuals are something more than just an “addict,” and a Christian Non-12-Step addiction rehab program brings that to light.

Spirituality and faith are powerful forces connecting your recovery with the healing words of the Lord. This alternative approach to traditional recovery programs allows attendees to open up their hearts to more than just acceptance of an addiction. It sheds light on lifelong opportunities, the infinite power of a supernatural God, the importance of community, and of course the fundamental teachings of Christ. With a focus on compassion, personalized recovery, and a judgment-free environment, a Christian-based addiction rehab center has led many people to a freeing, accomplished and promising life.

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