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Maintaining the Health of Your Spine as You Grow Older

May 7

Aging has diverse meanings for different people, but older people are more active and expect more out of life than they have in the past. Many men and women approaching adulthood aspire to travel, hike, bike, and participate in other hobbies.

However, many of these activities are only achievable if you are in good health, and a strong spine is essential for maintaining a high quality of life, vitality, and excitement for the adventure ahead. Here are some Houston chiropractors' suggestions for keeping your spine and back in the greatest possible shape.


Concentrate on your posture

"Stand up straight" may sound like a Victorian admonition, but maintaining a strong, erect posture is one of the most straightforward methods to protect a healthy spine over time. Unfortunately, computer use, more casual methods of sitting, and sedentary behavior can all lead to spinal misalignment. When walking, try to keep your back in a neutral position. When seated, avoid slouching and work on your computer in an ergonomic position. When sitting, standing, or moving, keep your back stable by tucking your pelvis in.


Wear shoes that are both comfortable and supportive

Choose footwear that is both comfortable and supportive for your spine. An investment in high-quality shoes will pay you for many years. When you wear unsupportive or high-heeled shoes, your body becomes unbalanced, and your spine is forced to compensate. Muscle aches and pains, hunched shoulders, and disc problems can all emerge as a result of this. Consider orthotic shoes, which are custom-made for your foot and physical condition, or shoes with extra arch support.


Consume a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

From your tailbone to your head, your spine is only as strong as the bones or vertebrae that are piled one on top of the other. Maintaining strong bones necessitates a diet rich in vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. Anti-inflammatory diets (such as those that eliminate added sugars or artificial components) may help avoid or control flare-ups in chronic illnesses like arthritis. You may also choose to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals to ensure that you obtain all of the nutrients you require.


Exercises to Increase Strength

Your spine is supported by the extensor muscles in your lower back, which keep you upright, flexible, and strong. Perform strength-building workouts that focus on the abdominal core to support the spine and these crucial, overloaded muscles. Your core muscles, which are deep in your abdominal and pelvic area, form a girdle of support around your lower back. Pilates and yoga, as well as physical therapy exercises, are just a few of the various forms of exercise that focus on core strength. It's beneficial to seek advice from a physical therapist who can demonstrate effective ways of building strength with and without weights.


Stay Flexible

It's not simple to stay flexible as you get older, but it should be a constant goal if you want to avoid or alleviate any physical difficulties with your vertebrae or discs. Yoga is known for stretching muscles and increasing and maintaining flexibility while also building strength – yet a simple activity like walking maintains the spine flexible by gently moving the back muscles as you walk with good form. Consult your doctor to determine which workout program is best for you at your age.


Stress Reduction

The mind-body connection is genuine, and we now know more about it than ever before. It has been proved that stress and physical disorders, particularly back problems, are linked. The more positive you feel, the calmer you are, and vice versa. To keep your stress under control, develop a mindset that works for you.


Observe your doctor's instructions

Keep all of your doctor's appointments and make sure to report any new back or musculoskeletal concerns that have arisen. If your doctor suggests it, consider a bone density screening in addition to taking all of your medications as directed. Make sure you choose a certified and knowledgeable expert in the field if you have a condition that requires medical or surgical intervention.


Expert Chiropractors in Houston

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