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Why You Can’t Just Lay Sod Over Existing Grass

Apr 21
Many homeowners are unhappy with the current state of their lawns. It doesn't matter if there are too many weeds or if the lawn needs to be fertilized and watered. The thought of having to do extensive lawn work to make it look green again can seem overwhelming. Laying new sod can be a great way to quickly and easily restore your lawn. However, you need to do a lot of preparation before the new sod can be laid. You cannot just put sod on existing grass and call that a day. Here's why.

A solid foundation is essential for sod.

Solid does not mean consistency in material. The foundation must be free from all external elements to allow the sod to thrive. A sod base that is at least two to three inches thick and free from all debris is the best. This includes roots, old grass, rocks, trash, and weeds. This allows the sod to establish roots and receive the nutrients it requires to grow healthy. The old grass would prevent the sod from touching the soil, and the roots would not grow. This could eventually lead to the sod's death.

Sod Needs Nutrients

The same goes for sod. It must be able get the nutrients it requires to survive. Your lawn should be in good condition to allow the nutrients to reach the sod. The soil must be the right pH balance for the type of sod that you are laying. A sod expert can inspect your lawn and create a detailed game plan to make sure the ground is ready to support new sod.


Sod needs water

Because it can dry quickly, freshly cut sod should be laid out as soon as possible after delivery. It should be watered well after it has been laid to prevent it from drying out. This will allow the roots to grow and establish themselves within the soil. If you lay sod on top of grass that is already in place, water will seep through to the roots below and cause them to die. This can cause further damage to the new sod as well as the ground below.
The bottom line is that if you want to give your lawn a new look, it will take more than cosmetics. You can give your lawn a complete makeover with sod. However, it is important to prepare the soil so that it will grow well.
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