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The issues caused by leaky Commercial Roofs

Apr 20


Cadillac Roofing is the best choice for roof leak repairs - no DIY options required. Your roof is vital to the health of your tenants and businesses. Toronto commercial roofing will solve any roof leak issues that you may have. If the leak isn't taken care of, small holes can be transformed into open areas that allow water to enter the commercial building. This will result in expensive repairs to your structure and roof. No matter what kind of commercial space you own whether it's retail residential, or office, your tenant's satisfaction will be based on the condition of the roof. Let's take a look at the most common problems that affect a commercial roofing system.

7 problems that could result from Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and Mould Growth

Water is , without doubt, the biggest threat for roofing systems. But there are other risks. If water gets a chance to settle on a roof without drying it, it could cause mildew and mold that could cause respiratory discomfort if inhaled. The petri dish in your roof leak is a perfect habitat for mold growth. It requires three things - air, water and food. It will grow at an amazing speed. The roof's peak will provide the water, and the indoor conditions provide the air mould requires. Any substance, from drywall to carpet, can become the food source for the mould. Find the ideal roofing contractor in Concord for your needs.


Wood Rot

Wood rot happens when it is subject to water pressure and mould. Once the rot has set in and begins to affect the structural integrity of the wood in order to preserve the structural integrity of the roofing system which makes it more susceptible to collapse. If the damage is so extensive that it cannot be repaired then a roof rip-off may be required to eliminate the rafters and trusses. This will help ensure the structural integrity of the roof. Don't feel embarrassed about choosing a roofing contractor in Concord ca.


Insulation that is damaged

If your roof leaks it could put your insulation in danger. This is how it works water falls on insulation and causes it to reduce the air pockets utilized by insulation to slow loss of heat. If the air pockets become collapsed, insulation will stop functioning in the way it should. This can lead to energy loss and large utility bills.


Fire Hazards

Oil and water are not compatible. Water and electricity could also cause fire hazards. The water that seeps through the roof will result in damage to the wiring required to supply power to the building. If this happens exposed wiring could be used to ignite the fire. Find a roofing contractor near me if you have any serious problem.


Slip Hazards

Water that leaks out from the roof should eventually make its way to the floors. Once the water has leaked into the building there will be puddles on the floor and that's where the danger originates. Falls from a slip or fall on a floor without being detected water can cause injuries and even lost time for workers and can ruin the enjoyment your tenants can enjoy inside your building.

Roof Integrity Challenged

Even the most sturdy commercial roofing systems are vulnerable to water. The presence of water can cause numerous problems. Think about the foundations of your building. The water that runs down the sides of your building, it meets your foundation , and degrading begins to set in. Commercial buildings can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix in the event that they are not properly taken good care of.

Energy Inefficiency

This article has addressed insulation and the loss of key elements of air bubbles that reduce heat transport. Like we said, the cost of utility can increase when you use more energy in the long run, and then, you feel like you are heating all outdoors and there is another thing to consider when you consider the efficiency of your energy use. You're using more energy than you need and this causes changes in the climate due to the emission of fossil fuel gas into the atmosphere.

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