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Feb 13

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Living in Jacksonville, Florida isn't in every case precisely what individuals expect it would be prior to moving here. It's the biggest city in area in the lower 48 States of which most of the island with generally 14% being water. In case you're thinking about moving to North Florida, you likely need to realize what's in store when you get to this excellent city. As your Jacksonville Realtor, we'll lead you through our city.

Jacksonville FL Weather

The most sweltering mid-year months in Jacksonville will average a high of over 90 degrees, these months are regularly July and August. Notwithstanding, in the event that you believe that it's hot throughout the year here you may be amazed to discover that it can get moderately cold in the colder time of year here. The normal low is in the 40 degrees for December through March yet doesn't stress over any snow. The last time it snowed in Jacksonville was in 1989. The moistness can be a genuine executioner however so be ready for it to feel significantly more sizzling than it is throughout the mid-year months.

Jacksonville FL Cost of Living

Jacksonville is an incredibly reasonable city and the current 2022 typical cost for basic items record has it at 93.5, which is below the normal for the whole country. There are less expensive urban areas you could move to yet none of them have the conveniences and seashores that Jacksonville has. 

The least typical cost for basic items file for Jacksonville is lodging which is evaluated at a 78, so it's far underneath the public normal. That is the reason individuals run to Jacksonville due to the value for the money that you can get contrasted with other significant expense urban communities. The higher lodging cost zones in Jacksonville incorporate Mandarin, the Beaches, and intercoastal homes.

Things to do in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville has probably the best parks in the country. In addition to the fact that we have recreational parks all over the city, recall how we spoke before about how huge in landmass Jacksonville is, yet the parks are excellent and clean. Likewise, they aren't simply jungle gyms or sports fields, the measure of nature stops and trails in Jacksonville is genuinely astounding. An extraordinary model is Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park close to Jacksonville Naval Air Station. This excellent park has a simple to climb 2.3-mile circle nature trail that permits canines to go with their proprietor as long as they stay on a chain.