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Feb 12

Addiction Treatment in Florida

More people than ever before in Florida require treatment for their addiction. Overdose fatalities in the United States surged by 30% in 2021, reaching the greatest level in the country's history. With a rate of 37 percent, Florida had a higher rate of overdose deaths than the national average. This ranked the state second in the country. Fortunately, folks in Florida who are battling with a drug use issue may get assistance.

There are several drug rehabs in Florida to suit everyone's demands. Some provide one-of-a-kind treatments in a luxurious atmosphere, while others are more traditional and less expensive.

Treatment clinics are located in most Florida cities, including Miami, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. A comprehensive range of therapy choices may be found in dozens of additional cities around the state.

Laws Governing Addiction Treatment in Florida

Florida has laws in place to assist persons suffering from addiction, particularly those who have run afoul of the law or who have refused treatment. The Florida legal system may be able to assist with the addiction treatment process, whether it's getting a loved one into rehab or seeking alternatives to jail time.

The Marchman Act – Involuntary Treatment For Loved Ones

The Marchman Act, also known as Florida's Substance Abuse Impairment Act, is a Florida act that aids in the identification and treatment of those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. A person may be examined for a substance addiction issue involuntarily through the court system, according to the legislation. If a loved one refuses to get treatment for an addiction, family members can utilize the Marchman Act to get them into rehab.

Family members can request a hearing for their loved one under the Marchman Act by filing a petition with their local Clerk of Court. Courts can then order the addict to seek treatment and assist them in their efforts to become sober.

Drug Courts in Florida

In Florida, there are special courts called "drug courts" that solely handle matters involving drug offenders. The nation's first drug court was formed in Miami-Dade County in 1989 to assist those suffering from addictions and mental illnesses. Traditional courts may lack the resources needed to address and treat addiction and mental health issues. Florida has 93 drug courts as of July 2021.

As an alternative to a jail term, drug courts provide drug offenders with the opportunity to receive treatment for their substance addiction problems.

If a person in drug court gets booted out of a treatment program or relapses, they will be sentenced to prison. Regular drug tests and hearings with a judge are required of offenders enrolled in a drug court program. Offenders may also be compelled to keep their jobs.

Drug courts have been shown in several studies to reduce crime, lower taxpayer expenses, and improve the treatment of drug addicts.

Finding Treatment for Addiction in Florida

In 2019, approximately 55,000 persons in Florida were accepted to addiction treatment programs. Despite this, there are still a considerable number of people who require therapy but do not seek it. Those suffering from an addiction can also treat any co-occurring problems that may be at the foundation of their substance misuse while in treatment. There are several rehab programs available, as well as numerous methods to obtain financial assistance for treatment.

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Finding a Detox Center in Florida

Every addict or alcohol has different needs when it comes to detox. Generally though, the detox process in most private detox centers follows 3 basic steps.

  1. Evaluation - Incoming patients are screened for physical and mental health concerns by the medical staff. Blood tests are used by doctors to determine the level of medications in a patient's system. This aids in determining the amount of medicine required. A complete evaluation of drug, medical, and psychiatric histories is also included. This data lays the groundwork for the patient's long-term treatment strategy.
  2. Stabilization - The patient must next be stabilized through medical and psychosocial treatment. The purpose of stabilization is to keep the patient safe from injury. Addiction therapy drugs can be prescribed by doctors to avoid problems and lessen withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Induction to an addiction treatment program - The planning for a treatment program is the final phase of detox. Doctors explain the therapy procedure and what to expect to their patients. After detox, inpatient rehab gives the highest prospects of recovery.

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